Friday, October 19, 2012

Halloween Witches House

Well I got Supernatural! And I am having fun in Moonlight Falls. But like all EA Towns
the houses are bad!
I always end up going in and giving them a "MakeOver" .
Since it's close to  Halloween I made over one to Be a Witches Halloween House.
This is nothing real fancy. Since it's for a the Halloween holiday I didn't spend forever working on it.
But I've turned a Simple 1 Story 2 bed into a 2 Story, 3bed 2 bath.  You should enjoy playing it long after the holiday!.
This is A Makeover, From a House in Moonlight Falls. The Town that came with
Supernatural. it is Located at 327 Knott. Original was an empty house called Affordable Elegance.
 My Witch was thinking ahead to when she started her family!.  I play tested it for a short while to try and work out any bugs. Your Witch should have a ready made Garden with Supernatural type plants and Mushrooms.! She also has a Alchemy Station in the Back yard. She has her yard decorated as well as the house to Celebrate Halloween at any time!! She has an odd Funky Style !! Cause she is a Witch!! Some of her house is Really old Fashioned.. And some is not! But she likes it... Please note.... The House will not have the Witch!! Your have to make your own Family to live in the house..
Included in the Download, Is Directions.!! And Credits and Links to Custom Content!! Please read the Read Me!!!
BEFORE PIC!!!!!!!!


  1. I was wondering if the custom content is included in the download?

    I really like this house. I just actually just picked this house for a new sim. I love the way you did it, I was like I want that house. LOL

  2. Yes most content is included. What I could include. There are Credits and Instructions in the Zip file.