Saturday, March 31, 2012

POSTERS! Sci-Fi-Horror-60's Music

These are "Old School" Mid-Century. Vintage, And just plain OLD 60's Rock Music Posters. In one set you will find the 60's Music, And in the other Set, is Vintage Sci-Fi and Horror Movies. There are 14 in Posters in each set on one Poster Mesh. Not all the Posters are shown.. Enjoy. They look better in game than my Crummy Screen Shots..

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Welcome Spring & Happy Easter!

Easter Bunny Pics to Decorate for Your Simmies, And if you Don't celebrate Easter, you can
Welcome Spring! Sorry for my always Crummy ScreenShots. I have a Terrible Problem Aligning the Camera and I turn down the Graphics settings so I can play the Game better...These Pictures were all Created With My Graphic programs, Paint shop Pro. & Photoshop, From Tubes and Filters.

This one is a Single Image on a larger Canvas For the Easter Bunny.

This Next one is Another, Single Image on a Large Canvas.
Welcome Spring....

This last is a Smaller Canvas Mesh with 2 Paintings,
 One Pic,  for the Easter Bunny & one for spring..

Monday, March 19, 2012

Gothic-Fantasy Tarot Paintings

Here are some Gothic-Fantasy Paintings. The original Tarot Card Paintings are by Anne Stokes....
 I guess you can see I like Tarot. There Gothic, But a Few are more Fantasy Type. 6 Images on one mesh.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Coffee House Art !

Just a tiny update. I wanted some Coffee house art for a Community lot!
And not anything "Dark or Gothic" LOL. Crummy Screenshots.
But you will get the Idea. There is 2 Meshes. I has 4 Images the other is more Square and has 4 images as well.
also... I'm working on some old fashioned Dark Gothic Tarot Card paintings. They will be in another update some time this week. Then later Some Classic, SciFi & Horror Movie Posters. Then another project is for a Retro house. Old Vintage & Retro Food Adds.!! So come back later!!!


Monday, March 5, 2012

Jacek Yerka Surreal Paintings

Some lovely Jacerk Yerka Paintings for your Sims houses. Enjoy!
First image is for size. The rest are alternate images in same painting.
Forgive my Bad Screen shots


Paintings. Tarot Cards, light Fantasy

This will be an ongoing project. I love Tarot Cards. And there is such an amazing diversity of them!
This first batch are more of a Light Fantasy type. The first image is to judge Size of Paintings,
The Rest are to show you all the alternate images in the same painting. Terrible Dark Screencaps.
But the paintings are nice!


Friday, March 2, 2012

Susan Rios Paintings

Here is something different, A little Pretty, For  A "normal" type house I was furnishing.
Flowers, Gardens, and Pretty!! Paintings are from Susan Rios. 2 Paintings in each file.
on an Un-framed canvas..
One depicts Indoors, the other outdoors... Crummy Screen shots as Usual! LOL
But enjoy...


Terrain Paint for Alien landscapes.

 I have lunar lakes and wanted to make a new Community lot.
Wanted something besides the Sand!!!!!
2 little terrain Paints I decided to post..
you will find them under terrain paint Dirt!!!


Surreal Flowers or Bugs?

Well More paintings I want to use in lunar lakes.
Surreal Paintings by Bruce Jensen
The first image is for size, the rest are different images
in the same painting,
Forgive my crummy miss matched bad Screen shots..
Enjoy these little Creatures!

Pink & Blue Dark Butterfly Paintings

Ok here is some "Pretty" but also a little "Dark" Paintings for your Sims
Butterflys. One Painting is a group of 4 Blue themed ones.
Another is a group of 4 Pink themed ones.
Forgive the Crummy Screen shots!