Tuesday, April 30, 2013

2 Sets of Paintings

This is the 1st in this set for Kurtis Rykovich Paintings. The 1st is an unframed large canvas. With multiple choices.!! And if you like any of these items I am posting for sims. Leave a Comment below!

This includes both Sims 3 Pack & Package file.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Modern MidCentury Lot-Tribute to AweSims

In my Redecorating of Moonlight Falls, Ive used allot of Mid-Century Objects.
One of the Best FREE Sims sites to get these is AweSims. Even if your not a fan of Mid-Century stuff I'm sure you will find something on the Site you will like.
Anyway I love the Modern MidCentury Architecture. There are some buildings in my neighborhood built  in this style. So I knocked down a crummy house in Moonlight Falls and built my own!.
It is Modern MidCentury inspired. So please don't flame me if it isn't perfectly correct for that time period. And I Built it as a Tribute to AWE SIMS. Since she has so Many great things. And I used allot of them in this lot. First Visit her site!
This Lot was Built in Moonlight Falls at 414 Knott.
I bulldozed the Lot that was there. But you can place the lot anywhere you want.
it is 25x30 lot. But will work on a 30x30 lot as well, (or larger) you will just have some extra space for landscaping. The lot is Nothing that Fancy. I am not! a clutter fiend!!. Lot has 2 Car Garage, 3 Bedrooms- Large  Den/Family Room/ Small Den/Study-- 2 Bathrooms- LaundryRoom/ Upstairs Patio- DownStairs Patio with stairs to Basement. (Basement is a Pool room.)

The Front View

Living-Room View

The living Room has allot of  Objects from AweSims.-Some of the items include Sofas.  Chairs, Lamp, Table. ArtWork in House is by Me.
Kitchen View.. Downstairs is Open Style. With LivingRoom/DiningRoom/Half wall to kitchen. And Staircase to Upstairs
Kitchen counters are By AweSims. Fridge and Some other Objects By B5Studios
Downstairs is Living Room/ Dining Area. Kitchen, Bathroom and Laundry Room.
A View of Upstairs. Which has Large Den, & Small Study/ 3 Bedrooms, Bathroom/ Patio/Balcony
 I used More Items from AweSims to decorate. . I also used items from GardenBreeze Sims.
Club Crymsym and others. 
You can see more Images of the house. Of the House here in a Slide show.

The file for the House has install Directions. And CC credits. 

Enjoy. And if you Have any Questions leave them in the comment Section.