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DarkThings Terms of Use..
Just a Few things!!
Never ever post these items on PaySites!!
Don't use These items for Lots you post on PaySites!!
Don't claim these items as your own!!
After that....
Use and abuse as you please!!
Put them in your lots... Put them in your lots you upload to Free Sites..
Have fun with Them!!!!!!!
If you Like these items put a link to me somewhere!!
The more the merrier....

If you have a Comment or a Question about My Items.
Leave a Comment in the Comment Section or

I will do requests When I have the Time and inclination to do them!
Leave a Request in the Comments or EMAIL me!

Spam will be deleted so don't waste your Time!!!
Hate posts!!!
I don't give a Fig if you like this stuff!!! 
It's not here for you!!!
If you post Bad comments and Bad things. 
We will just laugh and make fun of you!!!! 

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