Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Oddities & Surreal Paintings

Here I was looking for some more"alien" type surreal oddities for my Sims in Lunar Lakes.
Paintings are by Robert Steven Connett.
Crummy InGame Screenshots & Bad lighting. But I'm going to get better lol
First pic is to judge size. the rest are alternate paintings.

JennyBird Surreal Paintings

Here are More Surreal Paintings for your Sims
Forgive my Crummy ScreenShots and Bad Lighting
The actual Paintings are by JennyBird Alcantrara
The first image is for the Size and the rest show the alternate paintings

Monday, February 27, 2012

Lori Early Girls Paintings

Well this is The First Post with My Sims Paintings!
This started when I wanted to make my own Paintings with a little Odder, Darker Themes.
But Never really Got into it. Then Lunar Lakes came out and I wanted something that would fit an Alien House. Then when I got started I was having to much fun to Quit.
I'm crummy at taking Screen Shots in Sims. My Lightings bad. But I'm just starting out so you will have to forgive me. I hope to get better as I make more.!!!
So the First one is Paintings from Lori Early. Her girls are all a little Odd.
This first Batch are all images of light haired Girls. I'm working on a Batch of her
paintings with Dark Haired girls.

First Image gives you an estimate of the Size and Style of Painting. 
The following are alternate images in same painting.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

DarkThings Terms of Use..
Just a Few things!!
Never ever post these items on PaySites!!
Don't use These items for Lots you post on PaySites!!
Don't claim these items as your own!!
After that....
Use and abuse as you please!!
Put them in your lots... Put them in your lots you upload to Free Sites..
Have fun with Them!!!!!!!
If you Like these items put a link to me somewhere!!
The more the merrier....