Friday, April 12, 2013

Modern MidCentury Lot-Tribute to AweSims

In my Redecorating of Moonlight Falls, Ive used allot of Mid-Century Objects.
One of the Best FREE Sims sites to get these is AweSims. Even if your not a fan of Mid-Century stuff I'm sure you will find something on the Site you will like.
Anyway I love the Modern MidCentury Architecture. There are some buildings in my neighborhood built  in this style. So I knocked down a crummy house in Moonlight Falls and built my own!.
It is Modern MidCentury inspired. So please don't flame me if it isn't perfectly correct for that time period. And I Built it as a Tribute to AWE SIMS. Since she has so Many great things. And I used allot of them in this lot. First Visit her site!
This Lot was Built in Moonlight Falls at 414 Knott.
I bulldozed the Lot that was there. But you can place the lot anywhere you want.
it is 25x30 lot. But will work on a 30x30 lot as well, (or larger) you will just have some extra space for landscaping. The lot is Nothing that Fancy. I am not! a clutter fiend!!. Lot has 2 Car Garage, 3 Bedrooms- Large  Den/Family Room/ Small Den/Study-- 2 Bathrooms- LaundryRoom/ Upstairs Patio- DownStairs Patio with stairs to Basement. (Basement is a Pool room.)

The Front View

Living-Room View

The living Room has allot of  Objects from AweSims.-Some of the items include Sofas.  Chairs, Lamp, Table. ArtWork in House is by Me.
Kitchen View.. Downstairs is Open Style. With LivingRoom/DiningRoom/Half wall to kitchen. And Staircase to Upstairs
Kitchen counters are By AweSims. Fridge and Some other Objects By B5Studios
Downstairs is Living Room/ Dining Area. Kitchen, Bathroom and Laundry Room.
A View of Upstairs. Which has Large Den, & Small Study/ 3 Bedrooms, Bathroom/ Patio/Balcony
 I used More Items from AweSims to decorate. . I also used items from GardenBreeze Sims.
Club Crymsym and others. 
You can see more Images of the house. Of the House here in a Slide show.

The file for the House has install Directions. And CC credits. 

Enjoy. And if you Have any Questions leave them in the comment Section.

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