Monday, March 5, 2012

Paintings. Tarot Cards, light Fantasy

This will be an ongoing project. I love Tarot Cards. And there is such an amazing diversity of them!
This first batch are more of a Light Fantasy type. The first image is to judge Size of Paintings,
The Rest are to show you all the alternate images in the same painting. Terrible Dark Screencaps.
But the paintings are nice!



  1. Thank you so much!I just gave away this deck to a friend and have been missing it alot despite how unhealthy it is to do so. :)

  2. Ha it funny how I came here. I LOVE MY TAROT CARDS TO .FEEL WEIRD THOU . EVERYONE SEEM TO THINK I AM , BUT I LOVE THEM STILL LEARN HOW TO DO THEM .A LITTLE LOST AT TIMES BUT IT HELP TO RELIVE SOME STRESS THAT RIDE ME. I found a really good meaning book that tell every card mean it scary to soo realist.But thank you for the pic there rally nice..